Entity Objects and Messaging System in C++

Okay, for a school project I am working on just what it says in the header there. Tough stuff for a C++ noob. So far I have just now gotten the sample code ( a free download that comes with the book: Programming Game AI by Example ) to work in Visual Studio 2008.

In order to do this I had to create a brand new empty win32 console project. Then I dragged and dropped all the files I thought necessary into the new folder, added them with the "add existing" command, and then hit F5 (which starts a build along with error messaging). Of course it didn't work the first time so I carefully read the error messages and figured out that I needed to add lots of other "resource folders" (all found in the downloaded examples folder) and then rebuild.

Almost worked. More errors. Then I discovered that I needed to change the path name of "Tiime/Precisiontimer.h" in the include line in precisiontimer.cpp to simply "precisiontimer.h" and walah!!! It finally worked!

Now, time to break down this code and turn it into a messaging system between entities that will cause 3 different AI paths to execute upon message retrieval.

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