Android and OpenGL ES related links

I've been hacking away at Android SDK. Here are some newb-tastic beginner level tutorials, links and resources that I have been culling over and using lately:

First see my earlier post for some easy tuts on installing Eclipse and the Android "ADK".

Then get your "Hello World" on - using Java inside Eclipse - by using this awesomely easy tutorial... here. That one is just Java, not Android.

Then watch your Android Virtual Device "say Hello", by going here: Android Development 101 - Part 1: Hello World. Yes, this will create a graphical virtual android phone on your screen!

Okay, these two are sequential. Mind you, you MUST have a working installation of the Android SDK in Eclipse working in order to implement these easily. OpenGL ES is quite similar (nearly identical in parts) to OpenGL, so knowledge of OpenGL will be quite helpful as well.

OpenGL ES Tutorial for Android – Part I – Setting up the view

OpenGL ES Tutorial for Android – Part II – Building a polygon

(THANKS! to Per-Erik Bergman at the Jayway Team Blog for the tuts!)

I've also been reading a hard copy of Head First Java, that's correct, I am quite new to Java.

Meanwhile I'm progressing through the Android Development 101 tutorials at Hack A Day. (Mentioned above). Quite nice. These guys really make me feel like a newb, but that's because of the other stuff they are doing. THESE articles on this subject are well written and targeted at the beginner. I've gone through part 3. All tuts work great in my Linux Eclipse Galileo (3.5.1) Android Virtul Device. I keep referring back to these to remind me of simple things like what to type into the fields when I create new Android projects in Eclipse. Newb-ile details like that save a student like me countless hours --> Google rarely turns up details on what everyone "in the know" assumes to be obvious. Know what I mean?

OpenGL ES is included in Android projects through simple import statements and then it looks a lot like OpenGL within the project. For example: GLSurfaceView is included as a class in the Android API. Here is the technical page at Android Developers web site.


I haven't looked at this one in depth yet, but I'm gonna slap it up here for future perusal. http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/java/tutorials/j-java3d/section3.html
It's concerning simple Java 3D graphics from way back in 2001. Dunno if it's worth anything yet.

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