Flash plugin not showing up in Chrome Fedora Linux

I worded that title to try and make it easy to find this post.  This is the second time I had to deal with this and so I thought I'd better record a post, since I couldn't remember how I did it the first time, it had been so long.

I remember now!

Problem:  If you go to a site that uses Flash, like Pandora, you get a message telling you to install the latest version of Flash plugin.  Flash plugin is nowhere, even after installing through YUM or apt (ubuntu software center).

Google, meanwhile, will tell you that Flash is already installed in Chrome, because the latest versions, for a few years now, are bundled with Flash.  But it sure isn't working.  So what gives?

Even when you type "about:plugins" in the address bar in Chrome there is absolutely no listing for Flash.  It SHOULD say Shockwave Flash, but it just isn't there.  Manually installing it and all of the other advice you find on most forums will be completely useless.

Never fear - THIS site has the solution.  In a nutshell, you will need to install the latest Flash in Firefox, before it will start working in Chrome.  Messed up huh?  There are also some other command line things they give you over there and I just did them all just to make sure, but I think some are unnecessary once you get the Firefox plugin installed.

How my hours of Googling did not lead me straight to this Fedora Project page, I have no idea.


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