Some notes on preparing Eclipse for Python Development

According to this site - http://clebeaupin.wordpress.com/2007/09/23/how-to-python-on-eclipse-ide/ - I'll be needing the following:

  • WTP (Web tools platform) to edit CSS, JS, HTML and XML files
  • CVS to work with CVS repositories
  • Subclipse to work with SVN repositories
  • Pydev to edit python files
  • AnyEditTools to add very useful features in text edition
(I'm going with Subversive instead of Subclipse.)

Parts of the instructions on the page above are outdated, so I had to adjust for the Galileo distro that I am currently running. I referred to this site - http://download.eclipse.org/webtools/updates/ - to find out how to add the WTP to Eclipse.

Install WTP:
1. Open Eclipse. Go to Help>Install New Software...
2. Click on Add... (upper right)
The Add Site dialogue box appears.
3. Enter a name for reference (I used Web Tools Updates)
and enter http://download.eclipse.org/webtools/updates/ in the Location field.
You'll be back on the Available Software screen.
4. Click on the drop down menu arrow just to the left of the Add... button.
5. Find the site you just added and click on it.
6. Type "web" in the field that has grey letters reading "type filter text".

7. Check the boxes for:
Web Tools Platform(WTP) 3.1.2
Web Tools Platform SDK (WTP SDK) 3.1.2

8. Click the Next> button at the bottom.

9. Click I accept the terms of the license agreement
(It's open source, no worries!)

10. and click Finish.

Eclipse will go about preparing your packages.
About a minute later Eclipse will stop and ask you to confirm that you trust the Eclipse site from which you are downloading.
11. Check the box at the upper left and then OK down at the bottom to continue the installation.
12. When it finishes, you will want to click the button to restart Eclipse and your done.

Install CVS:

Install Subversive:
Refer to this site for full installation instructions:

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