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Well, I've been working with Joomla for almost a month now, and over 2 weeks with YOOtheme's Quantum theme.  I like it.  It's taking some learning, but things are looking good so far.  I'll be getting to the more complicated stuff soon and then we will see if I've got what it takes to make this thing fly.

Right now I'm wanting to incorporate a "Ken Burns effect" in my slideshow on the front page.  According to support over at YOOtheme, this should be available inside of the current release of Widgetkit - Widgetkit 1.0. It actually just came out of beta into full release TODAY.  Support directed me to update to the latest version.  I did that through FTP and can confirm that the new bonus styles are there, so I believe that I did that correctly.  Thing is, I'm still not seeing "Ken Burns effect" in the drop down menu for "effects" where I was told to look.  This direction doesn't really make sense to me anyway, because this effect would need more parameters to function, and it is not a transition effect really, but an effect that is executed on the image currently being displayed.  Anyway here is a snapshot that I am going to send over to support to help me get where I need to go.

I don't see anything of help there...


It turned out that the effect was only available under the default slideshow setting.  The effect is generated randomly, whether it be zooming in or out and which direction it is panning in.  Nevertheless, I am using it and it really looks pretty good for what I'm doing.

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