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I'm having the silliest problem with the site.  I can't seem to move the headerbar module position content just a tad to the left.  As seen in the second illustration, it is supposed to be there already.  Currently, there is this big empty space, circled in red above, where I can't put anything at all.  I've been all over the back end looking for a way, now I'm asking support...

..................time passes...............

well they helped me solve that, but now I have a more serious problem with the site.  Their is now a graphical glitch in the menu bar that came out of nowhere.  I don't think this has anything to do with the headerbar problem.  I did make a change to the main menu by merging the Capabilities and Features sub-menus, but I don't really see how this could be the cause of the glitch.  This is when I first noticed it however.

Now the button/slider is hanging over the edge of the "slot" (middle arrow), and the border of the menu bar slot has become square instead of rounded and is a lighter color of gray.  NOT GOOD.

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  1. I did finally fix this. I had a parallel website where I had a copy of the quantum theme files. I diffed the entire template installation folders against each other. It turns out that I had forgotten that I had edited a few lines of code related to menu bar padding in one of the style.css files. Operator malfunction strikes again.


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