Quixotic Quetzal should be Ubuntu version name 12.10

I believe the new Ubuntu release this October (12.10) should be called Quixotic Quetzal.

Credit for coming up with it goes to this guy, whose post I saw when I searched for "Questing Quetzal".  Since, questing is sort of a sub-set of being quixotic, I'm going with that instead!  I think it especially fits because this will not be an LTS and so it will be forgotten like a lost fool soon enough.
They'll probably just go with Quick Quahog.
Quicker Quokka (love this one too)
Quintessential Quagga
Quashed Quadrate
Queefing Quillpig (rofl)
Quadriphonic Quadricorn
Quality Quoll
Quaking Quail
Qualmish Quadrisectus
Quaffing Quiqui

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  1. I think I changed my mind. Queefing Quillpig is fantastic!


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