Installing PyOpenGL-3.0.1 in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Why couldn't I find this in the first 6 hours of searching???


And right there at the "Cheese Shop" too... aye aye yae! The instructions for installing were on page 8 of the 50 page document.

(*note: if you are seeing this for the first time be sure and install the necessary dependencies [see below], AND remove any former installations of PyOpenGL, such as PyOpenGL-3.0.0 before continuing)

All I had to do was download the tarball from http://www.python.org/ftp/python/3.0.1/Python-3.0.1.tar.bz2

Move it to /usr/local/src

Right click on it and choose "extract here".

Open a terminal and type:

cd /usr/local/src/PyOpenGL-3.0.1


sudo python setup.py install

Entered my password and watched it go.

Just like that I was back in business and running the afore mentioned demo on my other machine.

I should throw in a caveat here. I did in fact first install Numpy, PIL, and GLUT as dependencies already, for when I was running PyOpenGL-3.0.0. These all have executable "instant" installers available so long as you are running python 2.6. Find them here.

To remove former installation PyOpenGL-3.0.0 I just opened Synaptic Package Manager (System/Administration/Synaptic Package Manager) searched for "pyopengl", right clicked on "...3.0.0" when it showed up, and selected "Remove Completely".

An Ubuntu link that also may be helpful on troublesome tarball installs:

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  1. This guide is for installing PyOpenGL 3.0.1, but the link you provide is for installing python 3.0.1 0.o


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