Super Bible

I recently installed (again) Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition, downloaded the Super Bible demo library from their site and started going through the OpenGL SuperBible 5th Edition chapter by chapter and picking apart the demos (as they do in the book).

On chapter 3 currently. Lately, I've been coding in PyOpenGL, so C++ OpenGL is quite different, plus the SuperBible utilizes its own GLTools library (early in the book especially) to simplify the learning curve, but I'm finding it quite a nice refresher and it's so nice to have all of the demos right there and working perfectly inside VC 2008 Express. Too be able to pick apart the code, mess with it, copy from it, and watch it run on the fly is invaluable. Highly recommended. Man if only we'd had such a luxury when we (that is me and my colleagues in Intro to Game Physics) were humping our happy asses up 3D Buzz mountain without any documentation to speak of! Gack! WHY Buzz and Joel? WHY!!!?

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