Reminder to myself

Post the code that we worked up for the simple shader comparison tool in PyOpenGL. Why not share the knowledge with other beginners?! Good stuff. When we get deeper in I may not want to share all of our tricks, or I might not care... not sure, but, on this level, I KNOW I am hungry searching for good code and it is so hard to find, so, in good conscience, I just gotta do it. Unfortunately, I don't have it on hand. Thus, the reminder post. I'll erase this later. Peace. (as if anyone is reading this lol)

PS. What I am referring to above is that I got a few simple shaders working on Mike and I's sphere demo thing. Phong, multiple light phong, toon, point light. Basic stuff. Also we added the ability to swap out shaders on the fly to see the difference. Mike created triangle mesh sphere from scratch complete with proper VBO's to house the vertices and normals. He also created a version that has what he's calling "averaged normals". It makes a polyhedron (in this case shaped much like a sphere) appear smoother and rounder as if made from exponentially more triangles. Awesome technique. So know we have this demo thing where we can test new shaders and play around with GLSL and OpenGL. Next, come more complicated shaders, then textures, then effects... etc...

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